Adrian Hayes

Allyson Stewart-Allen

Hayes is a British record-breaking polar explorer & adventurer, keynote speaker, business coach, author and campaigner.  An Arabic and Nepalese speaking former Airbus Middle East Sales Director and British Army Gurkha Officer and SAS reservist, he has set two recent Guinness world records for polar expeditions, skied from the coast to both Poles, summited the world’s two highest mountains (Everest and K2) and crossed the Arabian desert by camel amongst a lifetime of other achievements.

One of the few extreme adventurers in the world with a senior corporate background, he is now an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and professional leadership, team and executive coach, delivering speeches, seminars and programs worldwide.

A passionate lifetime follower of international affairs and an ambassador on economic, social & environmental sustainability, he is also a member of several organisations and charities, speaking, writing and campaigning on a number of contemporary world issues.

Adrian has featured in two documentaries: the 2011 National Geographic Channel ‘Greenland Quest’ and the 2013 Discovery Channel ‘Footsteps of Thesiger.’ His first book ‘Footsteps of Thesiger’ was published in 2013.