Alex Gregory


Double Olympic Gold medalist, Arctic rower, Motivational speaker, writer.

  • Two time Olympic and five time World Champion.
  • Member of a World first Arctic rowing expedition.
  • Lessons from a life performing under extreme pressure.
  • Captivates audiences with his emotional journey through the highs & lows in the pursuit of dreams.
  • Inspires individuals to consider what they really need to motivate them to greatness.
  • Which leadership styles really work?
  • How do teams come together to beat expectation?

It took 8 years of failure before Alex first became World Champion, but learning to adapt and make necessary decisions turned his disappointment around. It was these defeats that laid the foundations for Alex’s Olympic success and the ability to overcome any difficulties that he encountered on the way. Taking audiences on an emotional journey through vivid and heart wrenching descriptions, Alex brings to life this journey relaying the need for ‘true motivation’, words are not enough.

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