Amal Loring

Amal Loring

As an award winning Keynote Speaker, Amal Loring’s lively presentations will inspire and engage corporate audiences on three key focus areas: Inter-cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

Amal knows what motivates, inspires and drives. She instantly connects with her audiences by blending over 25 years of industry expertise with an intuitive understanding of the relationship building process.

Amal is a respected expert, integrating Inter-cultural Intelligence with her presentations to truly connect with international audiences.

Amal’s impactful talks enable her to share her wisdom, expertise and philosophy for success with countless global organisations and corporate events.

Operating from the core values of integrity, non-judgement and trust, Amal is a source of knowledge and motivation, for everyone who strives to recognise their own innate wisdom within, to be successful.

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