David Meerman Scott


The way most companies sell is out of alignment with the way people buy.

David Meerman Scott is the leading real-time marketing expert who shows companies how to close the gap with new sales & and marketing strategies & tactics.  He is author of 10 books including four international bestsellers. He’s an advisor to emerging companies, and an in-demand speaker who has delivered presentations in 41 countries and on all seven continents.

David’s book The New Rules of Marketing & PR opened people’s eyes to the new realities of marketing and public relations on the web. An international bestseller published in more than 28 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese, New Rules, now in its 5th edition, is a modern business classic and helps companies stand out, spread ideas, win hearts & minds, and drive sales by creating content that gets noticed when people are actually ready to buy.

David’s background is diverse.  He worked for nine years at real-time marketing firms in Japan and Hong Kong, has been a Wall Street bond trader and a male model.  He’s a certified Deadhead and co-authored Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. David collects artifacts from the Apollo Space Program and has a Lunar Module descent engine in his living room. He’s done TV commercials, acted in the movie American Hustle, and was even in an opera, at La Scala, no less.