Dr. Hanan Selim


Known as “the pharmacist of the future”, Dr. Hanan is part of the world’s leading experts in high-performance, preventative and habit transformation healthcare. As a successful entrepreneur and owned 3 different companies, she is a trusted advisor and high-performance consultant to leaders, managers and senior executives in the Mena region. She graduated from the most prestigious clinical pharmacy doctorate program in America (St. John’s University, New York) and has invested over 25 years’ experience in healthcare, health retreats, educational seminars and cutting-edge alternative health methods’ certifications to help her clients gain a competitive advantage for themselves and their organization. She has received certifications for “Excellence in Healthcare quality” and preventative disease. She received awards for being a keynote speaker on “preventative and habit transformation healthcare” from the likes of Dr. Rashid Alleem’s 9th Annual Leadership & Management Congress Week. Dr. Hanan’s research papers are included in books like the “21 Alleem Sustainable Development Goals which is introduced by H.E Dr. Rashid Alleem.

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