Kabir Bedi


Kabir Bedi is an international actor, celebrity presenter, producer, writer, a Knight of the Italian Republic and a voting member of the Oscars Academy. He has blazed new trails by having simultaneous careers on 3 continents in film, television and theatre, in multiple languages.

Among his many avatars, Kabir also spent 5 years in advertising with multinationals, Lowe Lintas and Ogilvy & Mather, creating landmark commercials as their film chief.

The theme of risk and responsibility has been central to Kabir’s life. He went from a secure job in a corporate world and took the path less travelled into the unpredictable world of performing arts. (Film, TV and Theatre.)

He credits his international success to responsible risk-taking. Keeping alive a career on 3 continents has been Kabir’s biggest achievement. Moving strategically between Bollywood, Hollywood, Pinewood and Europe he has kept his brand alive by learning to recognize the right opportunities at the right time. As he says, “Opportunities don’t come with a marching brass bands, you have to learn how to recognize them. Your survival depends on it.”

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