Michael Podolinsky


EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS: 33-year business owner (28 years in the Asia-Pacific region), award winning sales person and president of associations, he shares real-world, practical skills and knowledge helping leadership transform their people. He was awarded both the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Business Leadership and the Business Man of the Year award.

EXPERTISE: Michael authored 15 books on these subjects! McGraw Hill Productivity Series author of ‘Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia’ and ‘Productivity: Winning In Life’ , he is the AUTHORITY on Productivity. Other works include: ‘Mining For Gold’ (Pearson Prentice Hall) teaches team leaders how to get feedback from even the quietest employees. ‘Smart Leadership’, ‘Go For Your Goals’, ‘Winning At Work’, & ‘E-mail & Voicemail Tools’ have influenced 100,000+ leaders worldwide to get results and grow profits.

CSP & CSPGlobal: Michael is one of only 21 CSPs to be the FIRST in the world to receive this award out of over 684 CSPs worldwide from a base of over 20,000 speakers. The prerequisite is CSP, an earned designation based upon 5 years of business diagnostics examining Return On Investment (ROI) for clients, Ethics and Platform Excellence. CSPGlobal demonstrates acute cultural sensitivity, knowledge of 6 major global markets and ongoing contributions to the industry & professionalism.

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