Michael Tracy

Michael Tracy is an entrepreneur, trainer & speaker. He has started businesses in marketing, software technology and professional training.

Michael has been teaching time-tested strategies and techniques for maximizing human potential for over 13 years; first as a sales manager & trainer, then as a business owner and executive and now as the Founder of Sales Journey, a business growth education company.

He has recruited, trained, managed and motivated several sales forces that have achieved many millions in sales results; including a team that surpassed five thousand members.

Michael is an entertaining, high-content, high-energy speaker. He teaches practical, proven strategies and techniques that people can use immediately to achieve their goals, increase their productivity and have better lives. He is a skilled speaker and presenter bringing a combination of practical ideas, personal experience, and an enjoyable presentation.

In his career, Michael has developed experience in Business Growth, Sales, Sales Management, Sales Presentation Skill, Sales Negotiation Strategies, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Product Development, Marketing, Customer Retention Techniques, Coaching, Training and Leadership.

Michael is the co-author of the worldwide best-selling book, “Unlimited Sales Success,” now offered in 12 different languages and he also holds three issued patents from the USPTO for inventions in software technology.