Natalia Wiechowski


Dr. des. Natalia Wiechowski or Think Natalia is a Dubai based bilingual – German/English – Public Speaker and purposeful Personal Branding Coach with a social media following of over 114,000 individuals worldwide.

After winning excellence awards across the MENA region and being featured in leading industry magazines, the former Marketing Wizard decided to radically change her lifestyle and career.

A nine-month sabbatical combined with 13 years of expertise in human society and social relationships made the Social Scientist come to the conclusion that she has to think and live by example.

Since then Think Natalia loves motivating people and sharing her inspiring stories on public stages. Further topics she speaks on are personal branding, social media content strategy and mindset.

The Edutainer – amongst others – gave keynotes and workshops at the Global WIL Economic Forum, ATCE, DTAC (Bahrain), Startup Weekend and Middlesex University.

Besides that, Think Natalia coaches top Middle Eastern executives in Personal Branding, Public Speaking and developing a Success Mindset.