Nishant Kasibhatla


Nishant Kasibhatla helps executives, managers, leaders to attain peak mental performance and boost their productivity. Nishant is a Guinness Record Holder (2011), a Grand Master of Memory and a Certified Speaking Professional and an author of 6 books on memory and learning.

Learning is an integral part of our life. We learn everyday of our life. In any profession / occupation, ‘learning to learn’ can prove to be a priceless asset and lead to improved productivity and profits to any organization.

Nishant believes that everyone can boost their brain power phenomenally by using the right techniques and practice. Nishant was not born with a great memory. He struggled with remembering even simple things. With training and practice, he went on to break a Guinness World Record in memory. In his seminars and workshops, he teaches participants the exact techniques that have helped him to improve his brain power.

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