Olly Hicks


Olly Hicks was the first and youngest person to row solo from the USA to the UK in 2005. A challenge that had already claimed five lives, Olly spent 124 days alone at sea battling the elements, rowing across the North Atlantic from New York to the Isles of Scilly. Then, setting the ultimate challenge to become the first person to row single-handedly around the world – it took three years of planning and fundraising for the 18000 mile, 20-month trip from Tasmania to South Georgia – he set off for the Virgin Global Row in 2009. Disappointingly, it had to be abandoned after only 96 days because of boat problems, but Olly became the first person to row the Tasman Sea, from Tasmania to New Zealand. Olly’s sole focus now is to try again, in the Global Row 2014.

As part of his expedition training, in August 2011, Olly rowed from Holland to Suffolk, recreating the gruelling journey in memory of the Engelandvaarders, young Dutchmen who tried to escape from Holland to England by kayak during World War II to join the allied forces. He was the only one of his 4 man team to complete the journey of 118 miles.

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