Philip Merry



  • Building High Performance Multi-Cultural Teams & Cultural Intelligence for Global Leaders
  • Happiness, Resilience and Well Being at Work
  • Synchronicity, Intuition and Decision Making

“Helping Leaders and Teams to Thrive in a Global Multi-Cultural World.”

With 35 years speaking experience in 58 countries Phil is an in-demand powerful and entertaining keynote speaker, trainer and coach. He challenges teams and leaders to “raise the bar” on their performance by strengthening the mindsets that build engagement in themselves and others, and which lead to success in an intercultural global and volatile world.

Cultural and personality clashes often eat away at workplace happiness and bottom line results, and Philip is recognized as a global specialist helping organisations look at the influence of culture and interpersonal dynamics on the bottom line, teamwork, performance, conflict, JV’s, leadership and co-operation. Organisations comment on his high level of skill when working in situations where “soft” issues are impacting business results. He has the ability to entertain and put audiences at their ease, establish a learning climate where people from different cultures feel comfortable to discuss sensitive business issues and people always walk away from his sessions inspired with solutions for both business and personal issues. Using ideas from positive psychology, stakeholder coaching, appreciative inquiry, systems thinking, quantum physics and with a friendly, results oriented personality he helps leaders identify their authentic style, collaborate across cultures, and Philip helps audiences find solutions to real business issues by helping them learn to connect head with heart. A well known figure on the global stage, Philip appears regularly on Channel New Asia and he is known variously by his clients “Mr. Happiness”, “Mr Synchronicity” or “Mr. Culture”. Originally from England Phil has lived in Asia for over 26 years, and in Singapore since 1990

Philip’s Topics
Global Leadership, Multi-Cultural Teams, Happiness and Well Being at Work, Intuition and Decision Making, Heart Resilience, Cultural Intelligence, Leadership and Synchronicity.

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