Priya Kumar


India’s most renowned celebrity motivational speaker, Ms. Priya Kumar has been called upon by Leaders and Head Honchos of organizations across industries to Motivate and Empower their work forces, key revenue generators, leadership teams and promoters towards Excellence, Peak Performance and Go Beyond Limiting Boundaries!

Breaking the monotony of one-sided talks and PowerPoint presentations, Priya’s style of facilitation is purely  “Experiential, Engaging, Relatable and above all FUN”.

Priya specializes in Personal Breakthrough training where she uses activities such as The Fire Walk, Karate Board Break,Bending Re-Bars with the neck  to demonstrate via personal experience the message of Impossible is Nothing and that one CAN DO ANYTHING that one puts one’s mind to.

Bringing with her more than 18 years of global corporate training experience, Priya is able to customize her training modules to make them relevant and insightful to a diverse profile of audience. And the Experiential Learning experience is so real-time that it ensures an optimum impact and lasting tangible results, long after her session is over.