Rohit Bassi


“Rohit Bassi is the Best Selling Author of the book Success Mastery with Jack Canfield”

Rohit Bassi was born and brought up in London, UK and has been in Dubai for over 9 years. He is a pro-active and highly engaging speaker who inspires and energises you through the power of awareness, consciousness, and energy.

He is the founder of In Learning. His work is about growing from the inside out and being practical in this hectic world we live in. For him, this means to connect with your own inner self to bring balance to outperform yourself. He is the only Licensed Trainer for Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® in the UAE.

Rohit has a passion for developing others particularly in the areas of relationships, influencing, service excellence, sales, presenting and leadership. With over 20+ years of experience he is committed to adding value to individuals using his extensive years of international experience from Afghanistan, Philippines, UK, Congo, Ireland, France, Australia, America, India, Kenya and the Middle East.

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