Simerjeet Singh


Simerjeet Singh is an International motivational speaker who helps businesses and individuals identify their strengths and follow them down the path to success. He spent nearly a decade propelling businesses across continents toward growth. Now he does the same for attendees at his inspirational workshops, talks and other speaking engagements. Simerjeet completed the Executive General Management Program from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and is a Certified NLP Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach from the UK.

A highly sought-after motivational speaker and coach, Simerjeet began his career as a corporate trainer after nearly a decade of global experience in hospitality. Mr. Singh learned many lessons from years of cultivating teamwork at institutions such as the Marriott International, and others. Working with partners from different countries, cultures, and languages shaped who he is and gave him an understanding of how to maximize diverse perspectives and working styles. Simerjeet realised that he was driven to share this understanding on a grander scale. Over the last decade, he has helped over 200 organisations get everyone ‘rowing in the same direction,’ working together in dynamic and nimble ways.