Vikas Malkani


If you merge the best of Deepak Chopra with the best of Anthony Robbins, you get Vikas

Vikas Malkani coaches people to create a life of happiness, success, significance and legacy.
Vikas is a thought leader on wisdom, and has been called the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach, the Steve Jobs of the spiritual world, a genius of wisdom, the Ultimate Yoda and a Jedi Master.

He has coached Hollywood stars, royalty, millionaires, sports champions, top CEO’s, award-winning entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, psychologists, life coaches, and countless others to maximize their personal and professional success.

Inspirational Speaker

An inspirational speaker and bestselling author, Vikas has shared platforms with legends like John Travolta, Vice President Al Gore, Mark Wahlberg, Hugh Hilton, Mel Gibson, George Ross, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Dame Anita Roddick, Sharon Stone, Gene Simmons, Steve Wozniak, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales and David ‘Hitman’ Foster.

Vikas received a ‘Top Speaker’ award at the Mega Success USA 2017 conference, where 2500 delegates from 71 countries attended and over 80 international speakers presented.

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